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Stradone House



This family was established in Ireland by ROBERT BOROWES, who settled at Drumlane, County Cavan, on the settlement of Ulster by JAMES I. His eldest son and heir,

THOMAS BOROWES, became possessed of Stradone, of which estate he also received a patent of confirmation from CHARLES I, in 1638. 

THOMAS BURROWES, of Stradone House, High Sheriff of County Cavan, 1743, married Jane, daughter of Thomas Nesbitt, of Lismore House, County Cavan, and had issue, his eldest son,

ROBERT BURROWES, of Stradone House, High Sheriff of County Cavan, 1773, married Sophia, daughter of the Venerable Joseph Story, Archdeacon of Kilmore, and by her had a son and heir,

THOMAS BURROWES, of Stradone House, High Sheriff of County Cavan 1803, a major in the Army, who married, in 1807, Susan, daughter of the Rev Henry Seward, of Badsey, Worcestershire, and had issue, his eldest son,

ROBERT BURROWES JP DL MP, of Stradone House, High Sheriff 1838, and MP for Cavan, 1855-57, born in 1810; married in 1838, Anne Frances, only daughter of John Garden, of Barnane, County Tipperary, and by her (who d. 1902) had issue,

ROBERT JAMES BURROWES JP DL (1844-93), of Stradone House, Count Cavan, High Sheriff, 1883, born 1844, formerly Captain, 1st Dragoon Guards; married, in 1876, Ella (44, Thurloe Square), daughter of Commodore Magruder, US Navy, and niece of Maj-Gen JB Magruder; leaving issue,  

THOMAS JAMES BURROWES JP DL (1880-1935), of Stradone House, County Cavan, High Sheriff, 1902; born 1880; succeeded his father, 1893. His eldest son, 

ROBERT PHILIP BURROWES, was born in 1920; married Anne Patricia Young Ritson, daughter of Edward Arnold Ritson and Elizabeth Grace Savage Young, in 1952; educated at Harrow School; fought in the Second World War; major in the Royal Artillery; a director of Lincolnshire Chickens Ltd. He lived in 1976 at Dorrington Priory, Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

Stradone House, near Stradone, County Cavan, was a late Georgian mansion by John Keane, with a two-storey front, and a large return with an extra mezzanine storey.

The entrance front had five bays, the central bay recessed under a massive arch, beneath a pediment.

The ground-floor windows on either side of the entrance were set in shallow arched recesses.

The house had an eaved roof on a bracket cornice.

Stradone House is now demolished. 

Town Residence ~ 22 Lowndes Street, London.


Charles said...

I live in Stradone, Co. Cavan and I am delighted to come across this detailed history of the Burrows Family.
Thanks very much.
Charles OReilly.

Capt Layne said...

I have a small gilded Cambridge Bible dated 1877 that was the property of a Robert Burrowes. His name is rubber stamped in purple ink in several places.
If anyone has information or can be of assistance, please contact me at
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Capt Layne said...

I am in possession of a small ornate Cambridge Bible that belonged to a Robert Burrowes. I am trying to get more information. If anyone can help, please contact me at
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