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Glengarriff Castle


The family of WHITE claimed to derive its descent from a brother of the Rt Rev John White DD, Bishop of Winchester in 1557.

The immediate ancestor of this noble family came to Ireland during the English civil war which commenced in 1641.

This brother's descendant in the fourth degree, 

RICHARD WHITE, of Bantry, who was maternally descended from the Hamiltons of Armagh, married and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

SIMON WHITE, who married and, dying before his father, left issue, 

RICHARD WHITE, born in 1767. This gentleman was presented with a gold medal by the city of Cork for his spirited exertions on the arrival of the French forces in Bantry Bay, in 1797.

His eldest son, 

COLONEL SIMON WHITE, elder brother of Richard, 1st Earl of Bantry, wedded Sarah, daughter of John Newenham, in 1801; and dying in 1838, left issue, his only son,

ROBERT HEDGES EYRE WHITE, of Glengarriff Castle, born in 1809, married Charlotte Mary, daughter of Thomas Dorman-Porter, in 1834.

GLENGARRIFF CASTLE, County Cork, is a partially castellated house overlooking Glengarriff harbour.

It has a long, two-storey range with shallow, curved bows and ogee-headed windows.

At one end there is a square tower; the other end having a considerably loftier, battlemented round tower.

The round tower joins the main block to a battlemented wing at an obtuse angle to its end.

The Castle was built in the 1790s by Colonel Simon White, brother of the 1st Earl of Bantry.

It was built in the Gothic style, with a panoramic view of Glengarriff Bay.

The woodlands of the estate encompass a wide variety of trees including Oak, Beech, Japanese Red Cedar, European Larch, Chilean Pine and a variety of shrub and flora species.

Wildlife to be seen include red squirrel, sika deer, seals, fox and pine marten.

Over the years, Glengarriff has extended hospitality to royalty, artists and writers, such as Thackeray, Synge and Yeats; and, when living in the area, George Bernard Shaw is said to have written his play St Joan here.

The actress Maureen O'Hara, who starred with John Wayne in The Quiet Man, for many years kept a holiday home adjacent to Glengarriff Castle.

The castle operated as a resort until the late 1970s, but has since become derelict.

First published in May, 2013.

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