Sunday, 13 February 2011

Brackenber Day

Ever Hopeful of re-kindling Brackenber's memory, I think I shall dedicate my articles to the old school today.

I will re-publish several older entries which I think may be of interest to Old Brackenbrians and their friends.


This was the final correspondence I received from Brackenber's last headmaster, Mr John Craig, following his retirement. It is clearly valedictory in nature.

Click on the image to read it.

It reflects Mr Craig's feelings about Brackenber; his profound devotion and deep affection for what became his home and his life; his dedication, care and passion for our school:-

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Anonymous said...

My goodness I recognize the handwriting - from mental images of my report card or other documents. Wonderful memories of a wonderful school. All further schooling turned out to be an utter disappointment after BHS . When was this letter written? (RN - 82-87)