Thursday, 1 February 2018

Brackenbrian XI

Here are another couple of photographs again kindly sent by Peter Clarke.

Click on them to enlarge.

On this occasion we have the two old boys' cricket festivals which Howard Hastings organised at Rockport in October, 2006 and June 2007 (about 22 degrees and constant sunshine).

The old boys' teams taking part were: Rockport, Cabin Hill, Brackenber and Mourne Grange (it is thought).

Captain of the Brackenber team on both occasions was Jay Piggott (former headmaster of Campbell College).

In the first picture, Howard Hastings is wearing the white hat.

Howard took the second photograph.

First published in February, 2011.


Mark Rivers said...

Rockport, Now there was a good school! Nothing about the background scenery has changed in twenty years!

Sandy said...

Four very iffy chaps in the front row of the second picture!

Nick Stewart said...

Thanks for posting those photos taken at Rockport Tim. I was there 64/66 I think it was. That view out over the water is stuck in my memory for ever!