Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tax Disc Payment

The annual motor tax disc application arrived yesterday.

In Northern Ireland, there are currently five official ways of paying, viz.
  • Cheque
  • Postal Order (!)
  • Cash
  • Vehicle Licensing Stamp
  • Switch or Delta at local DVL offices
I am apprised that it can be renewed by phoning 028 7034 1514, debit cards only.

I asked the Department why online payments are not available, as they are on the Mainland; and I received this response today:
Because vehicle licensing is not devolved to the Assembly, DVLA are responsible for these services across the UK but they use DVA for the delivery of services in NI.

DVA operate a limited telephone service for renewing tax discs but are not funded by DVLA to do more.

The Department is continuing to seek early commitments from the DVLA to deliver improvements in the quality of service provided to vehicle tax payers here, including online renewal services.

All services within the Agency in Northern Ireland are delivered with the customer as the focus.


Anonymous said...

It is a nonsense, it should all be centralised at the DVLA. No doubt there is a senior Civil Servant on a 6-figure salary running the NI agency. VC

Anonymous said...

With the consumer in mind?! Who are they kidding...