Sunday, 4 September 2016

Londonderry State Coach

The State Coach is occasionally on display at the National Trust's Mount Stewart estate, County Down, former seat of the Marquesses of Londonderry.

A new coach-house was made for the coach, which used to be based at the family's grand town residence, Londonderry House, Park Lane, London.

The coach - or chariot - is exquisite in its detail and manufacture.

The Londonderry coat-of-arms, crests and coronets adorn it.

7th Marquess & Marchioness

The walls of the coach-house tell its story: it only seems to have been used on state occasions.

The coach is on loan from the present Marquess.

First published in 2010.

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Anonymous said...

What a horrid day it turned out today after a promising start counting Brent Geese numbers grazing at Mountstewart Bay so by mid morning I steered the jamjar in the direction of Belfast where I stopped off at Neil's Hill, Ballyhack for some sustenance before darkening the doors of PRONI with a view of revisiting the Mountstewart collection. I was pleasantly surprised to find a selection of about 8 photographs loosely attached near the back of an old Londonderry family scrapbook , these photos where of a Mountstewart shooting scene , the main players with the then Marquis being Lord Kilmorey , Countess Kilmorey , Countess Wicklow , Caption and Mrs. Craig. Lord Kilmorey looked resplendid in moleskin breeches ,flatcap & barbour shooting jacket with shotgun held aloft tracing a fowl in flight, the others clad in similar country attire except for both Countess Wicklow and Mrs Craig in their Aquascutum winter coats but with faces like Lurgan spades as I guess country sports was not high up on their list of pleasure pursuits.