Thursday, 27 December 2018

Wood Stuart, Outfitter

When I was a lad at prep school the uniform was supplied by a shop called J Wood Stuart, 19 Howard Street, Belfast.

Their motto was for man and man junior.

I have unearthed a receipt dated the 3rd July, 1972, for the following:-

  • One Brackenber House blazer     @ £6.55
  • One B/H tie                                  @ £0.55
  • One B/H cap                                @ £0.95
  • Discount                                           £0.15
  • TOTAL                                             £7.90
According to my Bank of England inflation calculator, that is about £80 in today's money.

The young Brackenbrian in the image below must have been en route to or from a Games Day, because we wore shirts and ties.

A Brackenbrian wearing uniform

Incidentally, they weren't overly generous with the discount!

First published in August, 2011.


Gavin Bamford said...

They used to 'mount' your medals and also supply wooden army plaques. Gavin

Tony Baker,MBE said...

At least still trading in the Parsons & Parsons shop.
Does a good job courtmounting gongs.

Derek Beech said...

Alas with the retirement of Brian, due to ill health. Wood Stuart’s is now gone. Incidentally so is Parsons.