Monday, 15 December 2014

The Slippers

A new pair of slippers regularly springs to mind at this time of the year.

Admittedly I've achieved a fairly good mileage from the present ones, judging by the tread.

My Number Threes are invariably from Marks & Spencer's.

It might amuse you to know that I have a Number One pair, by Church's, which are aired on Red Letter Days or special occasions.

They are made of velvet, with a kind of monogram atop, leather soled, red in colour.

The Number Twos, by Morland's, also have hard leather soles, a sheepskin fleece lining, and beige suede upper.


Anonymous said...

Tim, Slippers great. Let's hear about the hats, please.

Anonymous said...

Oscar Wilde would have worn a pair of Church velvet slippers had the company been trading in his time , I myself sport a pair of Church golf shoes - " The Carnoustie " Lady Dufferin once admired them at Clandeboye , I seem to remember she was shod in green Hunter Wellingtons - not quite de rigueur on the course but who is going to challenge her ?