Sunday, 22 February 2015

Connswater Bridge Arms

The Connswater Bridge is located on Newtownards Road, Belfast, adjacent to East Bread Street.

The famed Belfast Ropework Company used to be here; as did Inglis's bakery.

Incidentally, the Belfast Ropeworks was the world's largest manufacturer of rope and twine.

The Connswater Bridge has a bronze plaque on one side adorning the Belfast coat-of-arms.

The Ropeworks side, at East Bread Street (and McDonald's restaurant), however, has a different metal shield (above).

It represents Industria or Industry.

The ship is evocative of Belfast's maritime status and interests.

A sheaf of corn or wheat in the middle represents Baking.

At the top we have two spinning-wheels, a clear reference to the ropeworks.

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