Sunday, 16 August 2015

Divis Ramble

Last night I had a pal round for dinner.

The main dish was Tortiglioni pasta casserole, with thickly-sliced sourdough garlic bread and a rich salad comprising radishes, red onion, gherkin, baby plum tomatoes and lettuce.

I made a fresh basil and garlic vinaigrette dressing with a pestle and mortar.

Despite the abundant red wine, I still managed to rise after eight this morning.

Having cleared up the dishes in the kitchen, I fancied an invigorating walk in the Belfast Hills, viz. the Ridge Walk at the National Trust's Divis and Black Mountain property.

When I arrived it was a little surprising to see so many cars at the site; dozens, in fact.

The car-park was full so the narrow road was lined with parked cars.

I had a lovely walk along the Ridge Path, passing the mighty broadcasting transmitters.

The prospect here is spectacular, with panoramic views of greater Belfast and its lough.

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