Saturday, 1 August 2015

S D Bell's

I met for tea at that venerable institution in the city of Belfast, S D Bell & Company, purveyors of the finest tea and coffee.

They have extended their premises quite recently to include the other units beside them.

One enters by a wide, electric door, and the heavenly aroma of freshly-roasted coffee beans beckons visitors and patrons.

My aunt had been away for awhile, so this was an opportunity for a good old chin-wag.

S D Bell's serve freshly-cooked breakfast, artisan tea and coffee, scones and cakes in the morning.

I had the fruit scone with butter and raspberry jam, and a pot of their blended Director's Brew, which was a very good flavour indeed.

Before we left, I bought a packet of Lady Londonderry's blend and couldn't resist the Lion's fruit pastilles, either.

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