Saturday, 5 September 2015

Farnham: II

Fortified with a substantial breakfast this morning, I drove back to Kilmore Cathedral, where I had another amble.

The former episcopal palace or see house seems to be empty now.

counted three storeys over a basement. The episcopal coat-of-arms emblazons the apex of the entrance front.

I wonder when the Church of Ireland sold it.

Thereafter I motored into the town of Cavan, County Cavan, for a stroll.

There's a statue of one of the Barons Farnham outside the library and tourist office. 

It might once have been in a more prominent position, though it's fairly discreet in its present location.

THE village of Cootehill has a wide Main Street which leads ultimately to the handsome little parish church.

The church is on the edge of Bellamont Forest. Indeed, Bellamont's main entrance is a few yards beyond the church.

The mansion house is private, though the woods are accessible for walkers. There are deer in the forest.

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