Monday, 21 December 2015

Connswater Progress

February, 2015

In February, 2015, I photographed the river Conn's Water at Holywood Arches health centre, Belfast, where the river is culverted for a short distance.

December, 2015

Today I revisited the same location and, as we can see, the Connswater Greenway scheme is progressing well.

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Gail said...

The project has badly affected the wild life in the area, taking away the banks on the river where birds nested and lived throughout the year. Victoria Park lost a large section of the lake and the Sydenham Bypass was extended into it. I met a member of the RSPB at the site and he agreed that the development was bad for the birds, though many sea birds can be seen as there is a bird reserve at the east end of the park. We all miss the geese and swans who lived there till they were culled by the airport, they were seen as a danger to the planes Still, it is a beautiful little hidden site in the middle of such a busy area