Friday, 29 January 2016

The Hot Toddy

All things considered, the winter must be dealt with. Pitilessly.

Beat the chill. Arm yourself with an abundant supply of whiskey, lashings of lemons and cloves, and fight back.

STEP ONE.  The trick is to heat your glass first, so rinse it out with boiling water just as you would heat a teapot prior to making tea.

STEP TWO.  Watch the cold begin its retreat as you intrepidly place four or five cloves in a slice of lemon.

Place the lot in the heated glass.

STEP THREE.   Add about two spoonfuls of sugar (preferably brown) and pour in boiling water till the glass is about half full.

Stir until the sugar has entirely dissolved.

Bushmills Inn, County Antrim

Finally, a liberal helping of whiskey, preferably distilled in the fair village of Bushmills, County Antrim.

Stir well and savour.

You have just beaten the cold.

Start celebrating.


Northern Scrivener said...

I have applied myself to a similar receipe for the last two nights. In an attempt to ensure that that the tincture has healthy aspects I have substituted honey for sugar!

Christopher Bellew said...

This is a Top Tip and warming the glass is especially top-tip-worthy. If you don't warm the glass the concoction isn't warm enough when you put in lashings of cold whiskey.
There is just one adjustment that I advise, if I may? Reach for the Jameson' s my grandmother's firm!
Chin chin,

Timothy Belmont said...

I'm partial to honey; must try that!

Christopher, Jameson's has a very interesting history and I'm only wondering where I read it ... (!).