Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Orlock Hedging

Orlock Point lies between Groomsport and Donaghadee in County Down. It is almost opposite Portavo reservoir and estate.

The Copeland Islands are directly opposite.

Pheasants proliferate here, clucking and wandering about the fields.

One dominant feature of the landscape at Orlock is an ugly, man-made structure, a concrete water-tower, on the top of a hill.

There were a dozen of us again today, at a field near the Point.

At one side of this field there's an old stone-wall with hawthorn trees growing alongside it.

This wall has a herringbone pattern.

Our task today was to clear the ivy and debris from the wall, which has a two-foot ditch.

The photo is self-explanatory, as to my lunch; in fact the mug was purchased at Castle Howard, Yorkshire, thirty-five years ago.

Our truck got stuck in the mud, so we all had to get behind it and do our duty.

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