Friday, 3 June 2016

Hampshire II

I cycled into town on this beautiful, sunny day in Belfast.

I customarily cycle over the stylish, broad, sweeping new Lagan pedestrian and cycle bridge, which takes us from Donegall Quay in County Antrim to Queen's Quay in County Down.

Whilst admiring the view I saw an exceptionally large motor yacht - I gather these kinds of vessels are known today as superyachts.

I accosted two of the crew aboard HAMPSHIRE II, as it's called, though they were obviously sworn to secrecy.

HAMPSHIRE II is registered in Bloody Bay, Cayman Islands, and flies the red ensign of the Cayman Islands.

I have since discovered (on the web) that the owner is Jim Ratcliffe, seemingly a big player in the Shale Gas industry.

HAMPSHIRE II was built in 2012 and is 258 feet in length; a beam of 43 feet; and a gross tonnage of 1,887 tons.

She has a crew of 23 in 11 cabins; 7 cabins for 14 guests; and a helicopter deck.

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Does Lord Belmont champion the bicycle like Boris does ? lol