Friday, 2 September 2016

Madame Valerie

I spent some time in central Belfast this morning.

I had hoped to find more heraldic information about the Chearnleys of Salterbridge, though my search in the library proved to be fruitless.

A couple of vintage advertisements in an early 20th century Burke's amused me.

Even the apostrophe is missing on Burberry's name (the founder was a certain Thomas Burberry), so this poor grammatical habit began many decades ago.

I don't suppose too many readers shall recall Hooper & Co of 54, St James's Street.

I did, however, nip into Mark and Spencer's Donegall Place store and made a beeline for the food hall.

On the way home, I passed the new Patisserie Valerie café, located opposite City Hall, at Donegall Square West, where their display of hand-made cakes proved to be irresistible.

I fancied the Mixed Berry Tart.

Incidentally, Patisserie Valerie was established in 1926 by Madame Valerie; and her first café was situated at Frith Street, London.


Demetrius said...

Remember it from the '50's very well. Round the corner was Camisa, specialist in Italian foods and a lot of similar places. Also living round the corner in Dean Street in 1851 was a member of the Prussian aristocracy, Jenny von Westphalen, by then married to some academic, another Prussian by the name of Karl Marx, ever here of him? They were house sharing with Morgan Kavanagh, a learned man, one of the landed Carlow Kavanagh's I believe. I try to tell people you cannot understand Marx if you do not understand Kavanagh, but for some reason they are reluctant to agree.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean early 20th Century?

Timothy Belmont said...

Many thanks, Anon. I meant 20th century. Tim.

Demetrius, many thanks for fascinating information. And also Ampertaine details. Tim.