Sunday, 19 March 2017

Best Veggie Bangers

For the benefit of those of you who don't follow me regularly, I happened to be digging and shovelling at a little wood beside Greyabbey, County Down, during the week.

This wood is owned by the National Trust.

I was chatting with a fellow volunteer about a favourite topic, viz. food, and he apprised me of a certain brand of vegetarian sausages.

Geoff's wife and daughter are both vegetarian, though he is not.

However, he recommended Tesco Meat-Free Lincolnshire-style Sausages.

They are in the freezer section and are sold in packs of six.

Dear readers, I am not vegetarian.

I had a home-made rump steak burger several days ago.

However, I am not averse to trying healthy alternatives to pork sausages.

Accordingly, I purchased a packet of the said sausages.

I fried them gently in butter, fried a finely-chopped red onion, and boiled a few potatoes.

I had these veggie sausages with onion mash, tomato, and my home-made coleslaw.

I will understand if some of you are sceptical when I tell you that these veggie sausages are as close in texture and flavour to the real thing.

It is true, though.

I have consumed Quorn sausages, and the Tesco Lincolnshire-style ones are considerably better.

I am convinced that I could fool a few pals if I presented these bangers to them in a blind tasting.

In conclusion, readers, you must try them for yourselves and please do let me know what you think.


Handelian said...

Yes, agreed - they are surprisingly good. I'm not vegetarian either but I'm trying to reduce the amount of meat I eat. Had your pal any other suggestions?

Timothy Belmont said...

No, but I'll ask him!

The Modern Aesthete said...

I have tricked many friends with Linda McCartney's mozzarella 1/4lb burgers (plus they're delicious).

Timothy Belmont said...

Modern Aesthete, many thanks for the recommendation. I saw them this morning in the veggie section of the freezer cabinet and I'm sure I'll try them in the next few months. Tim.

Handelian said...

In light of Modern Aesthete's recommendation I gave Linda McCartney's mozzarella burgers a go - very good indeed.

Timothy Belmont said...

Sounds promising, Handellian. I'll buy some. Tim.