Monday, 5 March 2018

Four-Way Tie

I inherited several ties from my father, one of which is cherished.

It's unashamedly old-fashioned, classic, tweedy and a la Bertie Wooster.

This ancient little sartorial number is called the Four-Way.

It has four sides, depending on how it's tied.

The length is 48 inches; the width, 2¾.

Four woollen ties for the value of one!

This cloth tie was made by J G Wilson, of Callander, Perthshire.

Quite frankly I'd dearly covet a few more checked tweed ties.


Handelian said...

Classy looking ties. They don’t make them like that nowadays.

oldmanofthewest said...

I love this post. I have a weakness for ties. I must have 50 or 60. None is as fine or unusual as this example. I may have retired, but I still wear a tie most days. One must keep up appearances, what?