Wednesday, 15 May 2019

South Island

Immediately to the south-west of Greyabbey, County Down, on the Ards Peninsula, there is a cluster of three islands.

Chapel Island is to the west; Mid Island directly to the south of Skillin's Point; and South Island (20 acres) lies immediately to the south of Mid Island.

The National Trust owns the land at Skillin's Point, Chapel Island and South Island.

Prospect of Mid Island from South Island

I think Mid Island belongs to the Montgomerys of Grey Abbey House.

Today there were about ten of us - National Trust volunteers.

We assembled at the old schoolhouse on Portaferry Road and went in a convoy to South Island, via Mid Island.

There is a causeway linking Mid Island to the mainland, and another causeway links Mid Island to South Island.

South Island does not have any particular features - no trees, for instance.

There is, however, an overgrown pond which could be revived.

The main task today was to erect fencing in a section of the twenty-acre island.

After lunch we ambled round the island picking up litter.

Fortunately we were blessed with good weather, especially in the morning.

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