Saturday, 24 August 2019

August Plants


Whilst it has occasionally been said of Timothy Belmont that he was born with webbed feet, I most assuredly was not blessed with green fingers.

Am I beginning a fresh new chapter under the heading of Horticulture?

I'd like the border beside my front lawn to have colour every month of the year.

I'd also like perennial plants.

I undertook a little bit of online research for the month of August, motored over to the Hillmount garden centre after breakfast, and almost immediately encountered one of the staff, perhaps even the proprietor.

He helpfully pointed me in the right direction, with several tips and ideas.

Eventually I chose a beautiful Agapanthus plant.


My next choice was an Anemone.

They were planted in the border almost immediately, with abundant water.

I expect this is the start of a monthly series for the next twelve months, so I shall keep you posted about my selection for September.

One advantage of buying from a local garden centre is that you can see which plants thrive at appropriate times of the year for your specific region.


Handelian said...

Keep an eye on that anemone as they can spread a bit, though easy enough to weed out if necessary. Otherwise, a good choice. Reliably perennial, disease and pest resistant, and stands up well to wind and rain.

Timothy Belmont said...

Thanks for that, Handellian. I’ll leave space around it and keep an eye on it, too. Tim.