Friday, 8 April 2011

Exemplary Butler?

I watched a hilariously funny programme last night and I haven't laughed so vigorously since the DD several weeks ago. It was called Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience and the episode was Butler.

The indefatigable comedian, Mr Gilbert, "trained" to be a butler for one day, to some baronet whose seat was a Norman castle; and where the guests at a dinner party included Lord and Lady Bradford.

I roared with laughter when Rhod followed the owner up the cellar steps exclaiming "both your [back] sides look good"; and, when given a lesson on how to remove a champagne cork inaudibly, "it should be like a duchess's fart".

Lord Bradford had a drip or two of pudding remains on the back of his dinner jacket, so Rhod obligingly asked his lordship if he'd remove it for attention!

What a hoot!

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