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House of Alexander

The elder branch of this family was ennobled in 1663 by the title of EARL OF STIRLING, in the person of WILLIAM ALEXANDER, of Menstrie, secretary of state for Scotland in the reign of CHARLES I.

His lordship's ancestor,

ANDREW ALEXANDER, of Londonderry, was attainted, in 1689, by the parliament in Dublin held by JAMES II after his abdication.

From him descended

NATHANIEL ALEXANDER, who married Elizabeth, daughter of William McClintock, of Dunmore, County Donegal, and had issue,
JAMES, of whom presently;
The youngest son,

JAMES ALEXANDER, having filled several important offices in India, was elevated to the peerage, in 1790, by the title of Baron Caledon, of Caledon, County Tyrone.

In 1797, his lordship was advanced to the dignity of Viscount Alexander.

In 1800, this nobleman was further advanced to the dignity of an earldom, as EARL OF CALEDON.

In 1774, he had married Anne, second daughter of James Crawford, of Crawfordsburn, County Down, and had issue,

DUPRÉ ALEXANDER, 2nd Earl; Knight of St Patrick (KP); Lord-Lieutenant of County Tyrone; colonel, Tyrone Militia.

The heir apparent is the present holder's son Frederick James Alexander, styled Viscount Alexander (b. 1990).
Seat ~ Caledon Castle, County Tyrone.
Town residence (19th century) - 5 Charlton House Terrace, London.

The town residence of the 7th and present Earl is 3 Petyt Place, London, SW3. 

The Caledon Papers are deposited at PRONI.

Caledon arms courtesy of European Heraldry.   First published in March, 2012.

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