Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Winecellar Cannon

Having inflated the tyres of the trusty two-wheeler to an appropriate degree, I rode into Belfast, the main purpose being to undertake a little research at the Linenhall Library.

It's convenient for me, given that I can park the bike opposite the side entrance at Fountain Street.

Afterwards I ambled across Donegall Square North in order to admire the grand lamp-posts which once adorned lord mayors' residences during their period in office.

The lamp-posts now stand outside the main gates to City Hall.

Diligent and faithful cherubs greeted visitors to mayoral homes; whereas now they welcome all from their prospect of the city's principal thoroughfare.

THE STUMP of a bollard of some antiquity survives in Winecellar Entry, at the corner of the courtyard near White's Tavern.

Marcus Patton, OBE, thinks that it might be what remains of an old cannon.

This entry, incidentally, dates from the 17th century.

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