Monday, 10 November 2014

Corralejo: Arrival

I had rather a restful day yesterday, ambling about the resort and becoming familiar with old haunts.

Despite abstaining from The Devil's Brew at the airport and on the flight, I decided to let my hair (!) down, as it were.

Consequently, I parked myself at an establishment called El Cantante, which overlooks the isle of Los Lobos.

I ordered a Bacardi and cola, requested the Internet password, and began to surf.

Alas, despite the free wi-fi, it was frustratingly slow and weak.

Nevertheless, I had a very agreeable chat with a couple beside me, who were on a day trip from the neighbouring island of Lanzarote.

Thence I darkened the threshold of The Banana Bar, which affords a lovely rooftop terrace and beanbag seating.

True to form, I resorted to the Tanqueray and tonic-water.

The Internet connection was faster here; they'll receive another visit from me.

I'm expecting to dine at Avenida this evening, if I manage to get a table.

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