Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Earl Bishop's Daughters

I fancied a curry last night and knew of a good little Indian restaurant at Music Square, Corralejo, called Bombay Masala.

Having enjoyed my onion bhajis, chicken korma and peshwari naan bread, I ambled round the corner, to the lovely bijou Bouganville Bar; though more about that in another article.

For the benefit of those not following the blog regularly, I'm reading a wonderful book about Frederick Hervey, commonly known as The Earl Bishop.

Of his lordship's daughters, Lady Mary wedded the 2nd Baron Erne (afterwards 1st Earl of Erne).

Lady Elizabeth was married to John Thomas Foster MP, an Irish politician. 

This turned out to be a most unhappy marriage for her. They separated in 1781.

Lady Elizabeth was well acquainted with Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire.

Her Grace wrote to Elizabeth, suggesting that she look after - like a sort of nanny of governess - one of her children.

The rest is History: Lady Elizabeth and the Duke became intimate, shall we say; a kind of ménage à trois developed; and Elizabeth ultimately became Duchess of Devonshire herself.


Unknown said...

What about his 3rd daughter Lady Louisa who married the Earl of Liverpool?

Timothy Belmont said...

Ian, I was waiting for somebody to spot that (!).

As ever, Belmont is not infallible.