Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Brackenber Dinner

Old Boys! Unearth the Number One nose-bag and do make an effort to attend the annual Brackenbrian bash within the hallowed opulence of the Ulster Reform Club, Royal Avenue, Belfast.

The annual Old Brackenbrian dinner is being held on Friday, 6th February, 2015, at 7.45pm.

There will be a bar!

I attended the dinner last year and, as usual, it proved to be a most enjoyable occasion. I wrote about it here.

The dress code is "smart-casual". 

The cost of the meal this year will remain, yet again, at £30.

Old Brackenbrians are requested to reply early and include the payment - cheques should be made payable to Brackenber House Association (or BHA).

Old Brackenbrians are encouraged to make every effort to attend (please cancel all prior engagements!); and also try to contact old colleagues who may have been absent in recent years to come and see if we can make this year the biggest turnout for many years.

Please reply before the 2nd February, 2015, to (please note different recipient for replies):

Gordon Harvey Esq
54 Greenwood Glen

If you are replying by email, please reply to: dinner@brackenber.org

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Anonymous said...

Regrettably I am travelling and will not be able to attend. Nevertheless I look forward to your updates and wish you a wonderful evening ! (Class of 82)