Friday, 1 May 2015

Avenida Revisited

I recall reading a cookery book by the celebrated chef and restaurateur, Gary Rhodes. He wrote at length about the art of creating a classic French omelette.

Mr Rhodes emphasised the importance of the size of the omelette pan, viz. six inches, or fifteen centimetres if you prefer.

This would be ideal for a two-egg omelette.

Whilst in a local supermarket in Corralejo today called HiperDino, I spotted a sale of small frying-pans, the smallest being eighteen centimetres.

It had quite deep sides.

The diameter was 18cm, though it reduced in size to the requisite six inches, I judged.

It seemed sturdy, despite the metal being primarily aluminium; and of course it was non-stick.

It was on offer at about €7, having previously cost roughly €16.50.

This price proved irresistible to me.

It shall make its way back to the United Kingdom in due course.

THIS EVENING I revisited Avenida Restaurant for a half portion of their chicken escalope in breadcrumbs, with chips and salad, alioli, bread, and a glass of jolly good house plonk; all for €6.30.

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