Monday, 4 May 2015


I visited a local pharmacy on Corralejo's main street this morning in order to buy some co-codamol tablets for a pal.

One hundred fizzy tablets cost €12.

The little blighters are heavier than I thought. Presumably the packing contributes to that, so I'll discard the packaging to save weight.

Spanish pharmacies - farmacias - or certainly the one I was in, have a remarkable robotic kind of machine in the medication room behind the counter.

One can see it operating through the clear glass.

The medication is all neatly stacked in compartments up to the ceiling, and this sophisticated machine whizzes up, down and sideways fetching customers' prescriptions.

Thence it places the orders in a shute, which terminates behind the counter in the pharmacy.

Now I have never seen anything like this in the UK.


Colin Fitzpatrick said...


Sorry to disappoint, but robotic pharmacies are commonplace in the more advanced parts of the UK. Horners in Comber even has one.


Gavin Bamford said...

Head to Pipers Hill, Lisburn beside Lisburn Health Centre.

Timothy Belmont said...

Colin and Gavin, young Belmont lives and learns. I had no idea.

Glad to know that we have them, too.