Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Yakety Sax!

Last night we had hoped to dine at Avenida restaurant, Corralejo, though it was fully booked by six forty-five and there was a queue.

Consequently, we opted instead to walk the short distance to Calle Iglesia, where the street band La Familia Flotante would be performing later.

My friends and I ate at an Italian street restaurant called, I think, El Burro Loco.

Corralejo has a large Italian community.

We all had pasta and the wine, a little Sicilian number, was dearer than the food.

I find that pasta tends to cool very rapidly if the plate or dish is not hot.

Don't tell me that scorching hot plates are banned for Health & Safety reasons!

At any rate the meal was perfectly satisfactory, as was the €22 bottle of white wine.

Thereafter we strolled up the street to the Bar Bouganville and found ringside seats or, to be more precise, rattan chairs, for the performance by La Familia Flotante.

This great band consists of saxophonist, guitarist, drummer, tom-tom player, and female singer.

The final piece is usually Yakety Sax, better known as the Benny Hill theme tune.

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