Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Colonels' House

Yesterday the weather was inclement so I decided to revisit one of Fuerteventura's principal cultural and historic attractions, La Casa de los Coroneles, in La Oliva.

This large villa dates from the 18th century. It was the official residence of the Colonelcy, military governors of the island.

Today it features a cultural museum.

The mansion has been largely restored - or its fabric, at least.

The extensive outbuildings, however, are derelict and ruinous.

I watched a video on the first floor of four or five people connected with this house, also known as the Marchioness's House.

Their stories were of interest, explaining life there, the decor, furnishings, large mirrors, and so on.

There was a chapel on the first floor.

On the ground floor, the House had grain stores, a coach-house, and stabling; while the upper storey contained the family's private quarters.

From the terrace outside my eyes were drawn to dozens of little ground squirrels playing in a field and munching food of some sort.

went downstairs and made my way to this spot.

The squirrels were far from bashful! They were curious of me, hoping for food I expect.

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