Sunday, 22 May 2016

Mount Stewart: Floor Restoration

The National Trust seeks to raise funds for the restoration of the central hall floor at Mount Stewart House, County Down, ancestral seat of the Marquesses of Londonderry.

The floor was originally laid with local Scrabo stone.

Scrabo stone was also used for the portico, window surrounds, string course and balustrades of the house.

Scrabo stone fireplace at Belmont GHQ

The central section of the hall floor was arranged in a radiating pattern; whereas in the two apses it was laid in squares and octagons.

The original stone floor is beneath the black and white vinyl tiles and it remains in fair condition.

The new project will involve lifting the vinyl tiles, removing the bituminous layer below; and stabilizing or replacing any stones that require it.

The estimated cost for this task is £250,000.

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