Thursday, 12 May 2016

Tastes of British Isles?

I cycled into central Belfast this morning in order to get some groceries in Marks and Spencer's Donegall Place store.

The food hall is in the basement and has extended considerably since the early 1970s, when M&S opened.

Indeed, Marks and Spencer are to be complimented for their loyalty to the Province throughout the worst years of The Troubles.

There's a handy separate entrance for the food hall at Donegall Place.

I happened to be browsing at the Pies aisle when I spotted several items with a little logo emblazoned Tastes of the British Isles.

We have the English Rose; the Scottish Thistle; and the Welsh Daffodil.

However, Northern Ireland and its shamrock or flax-plant is excluded.

As one of my friends has pointed out to me, the problem could be that these products are also for sale in the Irish Republic alongside those labelled as "Tastes of Ireland", aimed at an audience there which includes products produced in Northern Ireland.

My friend remarked that their advertising team really ought to have thought this one through, as obviously the island of Ireland is, geographically, part of the British Isles.

This was poorly done from a sensitivity perspective and very silly on their part.

It would be fitting for Marks and Spencer to issue an apology to the people of Northern Ireland.

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