Friday, 13 April 2018

The Wooster Style

Any readers who zealously or otherwise follow the Belmont narrative shall doubtless be aware of my regard for Sir P G Wodehouse's fictional character Bertie Wooster, and his valet Jeeves.

The 1980s television series Jeeves & Wooster portrays Bertie as sartorially subtle and generally understated (when Jeeves lays his clothing out for him at the end of the bed).

In town Bertie invariably wears subtle grey or dark blue chalk-stripe, double-breasted, three-piece suits.

Although the shirts appear white, they are far more subtle than pure white.

On closer inspection, they have feint stripes of vague greys, or a colour that matches the suit.

The ties, too, are hard to describe, because they are usually patterned, though the pattern is quiet, unfussy, and complements the other clothing.

Breast pocket handkerchiefs or pocket squares are invariably white.

The hats and gloves, and the Albert Strap all make distinctive individual accessories.

In the country Bertie generally wears shades of brown or green: country tweed jackets, sleeveless, v-neck jumpers, cable-knit perhaps; woollen patterned ties; flat caps.

Apparel like this may well be unpopular today, though to my mind true Fashion is timeless.

So Bertie's apparel is generally never loud or bold; always quiet and unfussy.

Unless, of course, he chooses to disregard Jeeves's counsel.

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