Thursday, 14 February 2019

Bob McCartney

I had a bit of shopping to do this morning.

The old Belmont taste-buds had a craving for that slow-cooked lamb sold in certain stores.

The method of cooking it in a sealed bag is, I gather, known as as sous-vide.

It's ages since I have eaten lamb and, quite frankly, my consumption of red meat has declined.

I enjoy it, however, when it's on the menu.

Whilst ambling past the countless aisles I had the great joy and privilege of encountering none other than Bob McCartney, the retired Ulster barrister and MP for North Down before Lady Hermon.

I don't know whether he recognized me or not, though we greeted each other cordially.

He looked well.


Handelian said...

Granola always looks like it should be a healthy breakfast but look at the amount of sugar in it. Maybe try “overnight oats” instead - oats soaked in milk overnight, perhaps with a few sultanas?

Timothy Belmont said...

'Twas on offer. My breakfast varies, though I usually have wholemeal toast or porridge!