Sunday, 17 June 2012

Wilkin's Tomato Sauce

I've always loved tomato ketchup. Forty years ago, there was little choice other than the famous Heinz variety. HP ketchup was, I seem to recall, the main alternative in those days.

Indeed I've got through unimaginable amounts of the stuff over the decades.

The rummy thing is that, when I was ten years old, I preferred corned-beef sandwiches with salad-cream; whereas my pal, John, insisted on ketchup!

The current favourite ketchup is Tiptree Tomato Sauce by Wilkin & Sons Limited. 75% of it comprises tomatoes.

Wilkin and Sons have continuously held royal warrants since 1911.

Great stuff.

First published in October, 2009.


Sandy said...

A couple of years ago Heinz produced an organic tomato ketchup which had a green top, I think. It was delicious.
It has mysteriously disappeared from the shelves.

Timothy Belmont said...

Aha! That old trick. It may have disappeared because, putting it bluntly, it wasn't selling enough. :-)

belfast cabby said...

I agree with sandy the Heinz organic was simply lovely, i don't even like ketchup!