Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Burns Supper

The old school pal, Dangerfield, invited me to a Burns Supper at the family home five years ago.

The weather conditions were poor, though I finally managed to reach his house, a mile or two outside Broughshane, County Antrim.

I'm apprised that they have a hundred and forty acres.

We had a terrific time.

As can be seen by the photograph - Dangerfield had lent me a Royal Irish Rangers caubeen with its green hackle - I was slightly the worse for wear; so I was glad to have a room for the night.

The grub was delicious: wholesome chicken or pheasant soup; venison stew with haggis; chocolate and Cranachan pudding; whisky; abundant wine.

Shortly after the proceedings the drone of the bagpipes could be heard and Gavin marched in.

He must have learnt to play them in the CCF band at Campbell.

One of the house guests, Michael, is an accomplished musician and played the piano for us all.

He's another Old Brackenbrian, so I hope see him at the next annual dinner in the Ulster Reform Club.

I retired to bed at some unearthly hour, perhaps three-thirty the next morning.

We breakfasted in the conservatory: venison sausages, rustic bread, mustard, marmalade, mushrooms, tea.

First published in January, 2013.


Lord Dangerfield of Broughshane said...

Belmont old chap, glad you enjoyed yourself. Your moniker has been colloquially adjusted to "Field Marshall Montgomery". Short Shanks Rommel has run a mile.

Sandy said...


Timothy Belmont said...

Dangerfield old boy, it is hoped that the beret will have the beret badge of a field marshal, in keeping with this esteemed rank the the Earl of Belmont.

I'd forgotten about your role in the CCB pipe band, too, by Jove.

'Twas a jolly good show.