Friday, 12 January 2018

Grand Opera House

I happened to be in Belfast yesterday, in the vicinity of the Grand Opera House in Great Victoria Street.

Anybody who knows Belfast will be aware that the opera house remains one of its favourite, cherished and even iconic buildings (despite its bombing during the Troubles).

After City Hall, the Grand Opera House boasts the most exquisite and opulent interior in the city.

The history of this esteemed theatre is so well known that to dwell upon it here becomes unnecessary.

Its exterior has had a major restoration recently.

The minarets, towers, Mercury and many other features have been restored to their former glory.

It was particularly gratifying to see the newly-gilded statue of Mercury, standing aloft, brandishing the Caduceus in his left hand.

At the theatre's entrance front we have the masks of Comedy and Tragedy to each side as we enter or vacate the former front doors below the elevated Crush Bar above the street.

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