Saturday, 3 December 2011

Killynether Coppicing

Timothy Belmont was in the heart of Killynether Woods, near Scrabo in County Down, sawing hazel today. The purpose, as always here, has been to regenerate the hazel for a new copse on the slopes of the wood.

It is progressing very well indeed. We maintain a new section each year. Today we lit a roaring bonfire to burn the odd branches left over. I filled two sacks of logs for myself, as did several others. I am told that these logs should not be burned for a year.

A couple of crafts people came with us, their purpose being to gather hazel branches for an old art, the manufacture of coracles.

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Jack Plane said...

Thatchers pay well for the one- and two-year-old straight sticks that shoot up after the stools have been copiced.