Wednesday, 14 December 2011

NT Dinner

I attended the Mount Stewart (National Trust) annual Christmas dinner party at the Old Inn, Crawfordsburn, County Down, last night. A jolly good evening it was, too. The dinner, comprising about 150 staff (many volunteers), took place in a function room at the back of the hotel on the lower ground floor.

Although dress was casual, there appeared to be differing degrees as to that actual definition, some younger females being smartly turned out in cocktail dresses, while one or two of their male counterparts wore suits. At the other end of the spectrum, denims and loose-necked shirts were worn. 

I sat with six others at my table and had prawn cocktail, turkey and plum pudding. A glass of wine was included.

Later in the evening, some of us left and found a quieter spot in the lounge bar upstairs, where we spent the rest of the evening before departing at about twelve forty-five.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you think it's a poor show when people turn up inappropriately dressed at functions such as this?
Seems to be a particular problem in N Ireland. If some guests make an effort to dress up; other folk should at least try. I hope the presence of the NT party did not lower the tone of N Down's finest inn.
R Wombat