Saturday, 31 December 2011

Post-Nominal Letters

The Orders of Knighthood, awards and medals have changed little in time. They all remain largely the same, although There have been a few omissions and amendments, like the Order of St Patrick, the Order of the Star of India and the Order of the Indian Empire, which are now virtually extinct. There have been no conferments since about 1947.

In Northern Ireland, the Duke of Abercorn is a KG; the Right Rev the Lord Eames is a Member of the Order of Merit (OM); the former Chief Constable of the RUC, Sir Ronnie Flanagan, is a GBE.

The Royal Ulster Constabulary was presented with the George Cross by HM The Queen at Hillsborough Castle in 1999.

Heads of the NI Civil Service are customarily appointed KCBs. Retiring Lord-Lieutenants usually become KCVO or CVO.

The Victoria Cross (VC) and George Cross (GC) precede all other letters, with the sole exception of the abbreviations "Bt" or "Bart" (for a baronet).

  1. KG
  2. KT
  3. GCB
  4. OM
  5. GCMG
  6. GCVO
  7. GBE
  8. CH
  9. KCB/DCB
  12. KBE/DBE
  13. CB
  14. CMG
  15. CVO
  16. CBE
  17. DSO
  18. LVO
  19. OBE
  20. ISO
  21. MVO
  22. MBE

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    Anonymous said...

    Here is a local one - UD (Ulster Defence Regiment medal) for officers who haver been awarded that medal. Unfortunately, soldiers awarded the same medal cannot use the post nominal letters.