Thursday, 1 November 2012

About Town

It has been such a fine autumn day today, that I cycled into town. I parked, as usual, at Fountain Street and strode into the much-revered Linenhall Library.

My subjects for research today included the De la Poers of Gurteen, and the Newtons of Dunleckney Manor.

Afterwards I ambled over to Sawers in order to purchase some of their battered scampi at the fish counter.

En route to Marks & Spencer's, I entered a menswear shop which had herringbone tweed jackets for sale; not dissimilar to the one I was wearing myself.

Mine isn't particularly old ~ perhaps 35-40 years old. My jacket (top) is made of heavy Harris tweed, great for colder weather. It has subtle colours in the pattern.

A young female assistant was beside me, tidying items. I couldn't resist beaming at her and quipping: I knew mine would come into fashion again, if I waited long enough!". She laughed.

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PeterC said...

I am impressed that you can still get into a jacket that is 40 years old - I certainly couldn't! I have always been a fan of Harris tweed jackets, it is encouraging to see that they are coming back into fashion.