Sunday, 4 November 2012

Metro Dearer?

I'm only just beginning to recover from an obnoxious cold which has lasted all week.

I have been taking extra zinc and vitamin C, in the form of soluble tablets and hot, freshly-squeezed lemon drinks with honey.

The signs of improvement include the senses of taste and smell returning gradually.

What rotten luck!

FOR THE BENEFIT of those within the Belmont vicinity and beyond, Tesco's Connswater branch will be reopening on the 19th November, having been rebranded as Tesco Metro.

Tesco Metro stores are generally considered to be more expensive than their larger supermarkets, due to their having a lower proportion of basic foodstuffs compared to their more expensive options.

Prices in Metro stores can be 3-5% higher, I have read.

Shoppers be warned! Expect prices on many, if not most, items to increase at this store.


Anonymous said...

After their move to Castlereagh, the only reason Tesco have been so kind to retain a smaller presence at Connswater, is to keep ASDA out. And who said supermarkets would bring more choice?

Nick B

Timothy Belmont said...

What will the effect be on the overall business at Connswater Shopping Centre, given that Tesco has been thought of as the anchor tenent?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I agree with Nick B. I feel that the other key holders will suffer as there has already been a noticeable decline in shoppers over the last few weeks at Connswater with Tesco being shut.
I beleive Connswater management, and the other retailers will regret this decision to allow a downsized Tesco and wish they had opted for a large Asda store to attract shoppers. I do not think is a wise decision.

Regards, Inv Wood