Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mount Stewart's Spendour

It was a sunny day in April, 2011.

I decided to make a few rounds of egg salad sandwiches and motored along the coast to the glorious Mount Stewart demesne.

The Mairi Garden was in the process of being restored.

I found a secluded spot in the sun beside the Lake, settled down and listened to the sounds of the waterfowl, the only noise spoiling the peace and tranquillity coming from aircraft and motorbikes.

One feathered friend scored a direct hit on Timothy Belmont's shorts from high above in the trees!

On display in a converted outbuilding were the ceremonial carriage with the Londonderry livery,

and a gleaming lamp with the coronet of a marquess.

The Londonderry coat-of-arms emblazoned the carriage door.

First published in April, 2011.


Jonathan Kennedy said...

Tim, you may be aware that Lord Londonderry visited Mount Stewart last week.

Our First Minister now has a Twitter account, and posted a picture of himself with Lady Rose and Lord Londonderry, who was presenting what looked like a large wooden trophy shield of some kind, with miniature portraits in the middle.

The NT are presumably delighted by the gift, while I'm sure Lord Londonderry is glad to get rid of some more old tat!

Timothy Belmont said...

Noblesse oblige!

Unknown said...

I was lucky enough to be up there with one of the staff yesterday evening and between sneaking around the servants' quarters managed to have a look at the portrait shield: it was presented to the 6th Marquess by the Viceregal Household at Dublin Castle and is a silver trophy with portraits of the 6th Marquess and Theresa Lady Londonderry surrounded by the collar of the Order of St. Patrick and portrait miniatures of the Viceregal Household. It is a spectacular if rather ugly piece!

It was nice to see the marble font back in the Hall though I hear it was just put back for Lord Londonderry's visit and I have to say utterly surreal to find a 1930's Berlin gay bar set up in the wine cellar! (thank you BBC!)

Ken Moreland said...

Drove down the Ards yesterday with the precious daughter and was shocked to see the salt/wind burn on every tree , especially at Mount Stewart , but all the way to Portaferry on the seaward side. Have you seen this?

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Ken,

No, I haven't been along that road for awhile.