Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Sloane Birthplace

While I was at Killyleagh, County Down, in 2013, I paid a visit to the site of Sir Hans Sloane's birthplace.

Incidentally, as many will be aware, one of Prince Andrew's subsidiary titles is Baron Killyleagh.

I have already written about the royal physician and pre-eminent collector, Sir Hans Sloane, 1st and last Baronet.

He was born in 1660 in the Sloane family's thatched house at Frederick Street, within a stone's throw of the Castle.

I photographed the location and a carved stone inscribed "1637, "GS", "MW", and "Rebuilt 1880".

GS likely stands for George Sloane.

The old house was demolished in 1970.

First published in November, 2013.

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