Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Donegall House

DONEGALL HOUSE was built in 1785.

From ca 1802-20, it was the town residence of the 2nd Marquess and Marchioness of Donegall.

Lord Donegall rented the house from John Brown, a Belfast banker.

This dwelling comprised three storeys, was stuccoed, and had a central pediment.

It was located at the corner of Donegall Square North and Donegall Place.

The gable end and a small side garden were enclosed at Donegall Square North.

In the image, taken from the White Linen Hall, Donegall House is the first building on the left.

From ca 1820-98, the house became the Royal Hotel, under the auspices of Charles Kerns, Lord Donegall's former butler.

Prior to its demise, the hotel's proprietor was Miss Sarah Doyle.

First published in November, 2013.

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