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The Corry Baronets

This family moved from Dumfriesshire to County Down early in the 17th century.

JOHN CORRY (1638-1708), of Tullynagardy, near Newtownards, County Down, Provost of Newtownards during the reign of JAMES I, had a son

ROBERT CORRY, of Tullynagardy, who married Mary Porter and had issue,

JOHN CORRY (1771-1851), of Tullynagardy, who wedded Susan White and had issue,

ROBERT CORRY (1800-69), of Tullynagardy, a timber merchant and quarry owner, who married, in 1825, Jane, daughter of Robert Porter, and had, with other issue,

JAMES PORTER CORRY (1826-91), who married, in 1849, Margaret, daughter of William Service, and had issue,
WILLIAM, his heir;
Mr Corry, MP for Belfast, 1874-85, Mid-Armagh, 1885-91, was created a baronet in 1885, designated of Dunraven, County Antrim.

He died in 1891 at his home, Dunraven, Malone Road, Belfast.
The Cleaver development, off Malone Road, Belfast, began in 1937 following the demolition of the large Victorian residence of Dunraven (1870). 
Its extensive grounds were laid out for detached houses, and building work began in 1937 but was halted by the 2nd World War. Work re-commenced during the late 1940s on the construction of the remaining detached houses, finishing around the mid-late 1950s.
SIR WILLIAM CORRY, 2nd Baronet (1859-1926), of 118 Eaton Square, London, who wedded, in 1889, Charlotte Georgina Frances Catherine, daughter of J Collins, and had issue,
William Myles Fenton (1893-1958);
Myleta Fenton (1891-1966).
Sir William, a director of the Cunard Steamship Company, was succeeded by his elder son,

SIR JAMES PEROWNE IVO MYLES CORRY, 3rd Baronet (1892-1987), who espoused firstly, in 1921, Molly Irene, daughter of Major Otto Joseph Bell, and had issue,
WILLIAM JAMES, his successor;
Anne; Susan.
He married secondly, in 1946, Cynthia Marjorie Patricia, daughter of Captain Frederick Henry Mahony, and had issue,
Amanda Jane.
Sir James was succeeded  by his only son,

SIR WILLIAM JAMES CORRY, 4th Baronet (1924-2000), who married, in 1945, Diana Pamela Mary, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel James Burne Lapsley, and had issue,
JAMES MICHAEL, his heir;
Timothy William;
Nicholas John;
Simon Myles (Commander RN);
Jane Susanna; Patricia Diana.
Sir William was succeeded by his eldest son,

SIR JAMES MICHAEL CORRY (b 1946), 5th Baronet, BP plc, 1966-2001, who lived in 2003 in Somerset.

Robert Corry (1800-69), recognised the commercial potential of the Scrabo stone quarry at Newtownards, and leased part of the hill from Lord Londonderry in 1826.

Dunraven House was the 1st Baronet's residence on the Malone Road in Belfast, a large house of ca 1870 in the Italianate style by the architect, John Corry, for his brother.

The grounds extended to 16 acres.

The house and grounds were purchased by John Cleaver, a partner in Robinson & Cleaver, who died there in 1926.

Dunraven was demolished in 1937 for the "Cleaver" housing development.

J P Corry, Building Suppliers, are still in existence though it is not known whether any members of the Corry family still hold shares or directorships.

First published in September, 2010.


Gavin Bamford said...

I wonder what is stopping the currect Corry from proving he is the heir? Death cert, birth cert, an elder son (from the wrong side of the bed) etc?

Anonymous said...

Love this blog. Very interesting.

I have a particular interest in the Corry family. I note that John Corry (1638-1708) is said to be the father of Robert Corry who married Mary Porter. But that Robert Corry lived 1740-1828! So it sees a couple of generations are missing.

Michelle Corry said...

Hi there, I was recommended by Brent Jones on an Ulster Scots Facebook group to contact you here. I am researching the Corry family tree. My branch are from County Clare and we thought we had no connection with Corrys in Northern Ireland, but through Ancestry and Myheritage DNA tests, lots of the extended family are getting matches with people who have trees with John Corry 1638 from Dumfries, who moved to Northern Ireland. We also have lots of matches with Corrie in Dumfries. I'm trying to find the link with Co. Clare. I think the Belmont estate was also part of Longford, would that be right? Would you have any information or thoughts that could help me make the connection? We are also related to the Tuite family and the connection goes back as far. They had a baronry too, they were Normans. They made the switch to protestantism and Jane Tuite married one of Cromwell's men Thomas Candler from Kilkenny around 1700 too, in order to hold onto their lands. The Corrys in Co Clare were Catholic and I'm trying to find the connection/ missing link between Northern Ireland and Clare. Thanks a million for any help you can give me