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Shaen Manor


THOMAS CARTER (1650-1726), of Robertstown, County Meath, Sergeant-at-Arms, a gentleman whose services at the Revolution were very considerable, for he not only served WILLIAM III at the battle of the Boyne, but secured divers useful books and writings belonging to King JAMES II and his secretaries when they were fleeing from the scene of the battle.

Mr Carter married firstly, Margaret Houghton, and was father of
He wedded secondly, in 1702, Isabella, daughter of Matthew, second son of Sir Matthew Boynton Bt, of Barmeston, Yorkshire, and widow of Wentworth, 4th Earl of Roscommon (the poet), but by her he had no issue.

His son,

THE RT HON THOMAS CARTER (1690-1763), Master of the Rolls, Secretary of State, and Privy Counsellor, 1732, of Robertstown and Rathnally, County Meath, espoused, in 1719, Mary, daughter and co-heiress (with her sister Frances) of Thomas Claxton, of Dublin, and had issue,
THOMAS, MP, of Old Leighlin;
HENRY BOYLE, of whom presently;
Frances; Susan; Mary.
The second son,

HENRY BOYLE CARTER, of Castle Martin, County Kildare, Captain in Colonel Irwin's regiment, married, in 1750, Susanna, daughter and co-heiress of Sir Arthur Shaen Bt, of Kilmore, County Roscommon, and by her had issue,
THOMAS, his heir;
The eldest son,

THOMAS CARTER (1753-), of Castle Martin, wedded, in 1783, Catherine, daughter of the Hon John Butler, brother of Humphrey, 1st Earl of Lanesborough, and had issue,
WILLIAM HENRY, his heir;
John, Admiral RN;
The eldest son,

WILLIAM HENRY CARTER JP DL (1783-1859), of Castle Martin, County Kildare, High Sheriff, 1817, married firstly, in 1809, Elizabeth, third daughter of Francis Brooke, and sister of Sir Henry Brooke Bt, of Colebrooke, County Fermanagh, and by her had issue,
THOMAS SHAEN, his heir;
Mr Carter espoused secondly, in 1846, Frances, sister of Robert, 5th Earl of Mayo, but by her, who predeceased him, had no issue.

His only son,

THOMAS SHAEN-CARTER JP (1813-75), of Watlington Park, Oxfordshire, married, in 1842, Maria Susan, only surviving child and heiress of Colonel John Henry Tilson, of Watlington Park, descended from the Rt Rev Henry Tilson, Lord Bishop of Elphin, and by her had issue,
HENRY TILSON SHAEN, of Watlington Park;
Thomas Tilson Shaen;
Francis Tilson Shaen;
Ernest Tilson Shaen;
Basil Tilson Shaen (Rev), Rector of Watlington;
Gerald Tilson Shaen;
Lionel Tilson Shaen;
Augusta Susanna Shaen; Elizabeth Sophia Shaen.
This gentleman was succeeded by his eldest son,

HENRY TILSON SHAEN-CARTER (1846-), of Watlington Park, who wedded, in 1867, Adelaide Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Denis Bingham JP, of Bingham Castle, County Mayo.

He dsp 1882, and was succeeded by his brother,

GEORGE TILSON SHAEN-CARTER JP (1848-1918), of Shaen Manor, County Mayo, who married firstly, in 1878, Eva Augusta, daughter of William John French, of Ardsallagh, County Meath, and had issue,
Ernest de Freyne Tilson Shaen;
Muriel Una Shaen.
He wedded secondly, in 1894, Grace (dsp 1908), eldest daughter of the Rev David Hughes; and thirdly, Edith Hamilton Urry.

His eldest son,

VICTOR ARTHUR TILSON SHAEN-CARTER JP (1879-1954), of Shaen Manor, and Fleet End, Berkshire, married, in 1909, Wilfreda Christine, daughter of Richard Davis; High Sheriff of County Mayo, 1922.

His only son,

GEOFFREY VICTOR TILSON SHAEN-CARTER, of Shaen Lodge, County Mayo, married firstly, in 1946, Monica Howard, daughter of Brigadier Bertie Howard Penn; and secondly, in 1968, Peggy Ismay Voake.

The Carter family of Castlemartin, County Kildare, inherited half the Shaen lands in the barony of Erris, county Mayo, through marriage with a Shaen heiress in 1750.

In the mid 1820s they founded the town of Belmullet and developed it with the assistance of John Crampton, their agent, and the engineer Patrick Knight.

Former town residence ~ 44 Tilsbury Road, Hove, Sussex.

Unfortunately I have so far been unable to find any history or images of Shaen Manor or Lodge.

First published in March, 2012.

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Hi I'm a shaen-carter my grandfather's name is lesley Arthur shaen carter his brother was victor shaen carter my half of the family dropped the tilson his parents were irish but they moved to London then onto a small holding in Wortham norfolk. I've found relatives in portsmouth who still carry the tilson in their name they are my grandads cousins children. Also my grand father has the scrolls and deeds to shaen and shaen solicitors who were in London.just a little info for any one