Friday, 31 October 2014

About Town

I spent two hours in central Belfast this morning.

I strolled through House of Fraser, emerging at Victoria Square shopping centre, where I ambled in to the Apple Store.

I scrutinized the brand new iPad Air 2 and, I must declare, it is noticably lighter and thinner than my 4th generation model.

I am tempted to buy one.

Passing the Masonic Buildings  of ca 1870, at Arthur Square, I headed towards Marks & Spencer in Donegall Place.

I photographed the fantasy castle carved near the apex of Queen's Arcade.

My final port-of-call was the venerable Linenhall Library, where an image of the coat-of-arms of Bailie of Ringdufferin eluded me, despite searching for fifteen minutes.

I did, however, manage to obtain a good likeness of their crest, a hand and dagger (top).

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