Thursday, 2 October 2014

Elizabeth, Lady Sudeley, 1941-2014

I'm saddened to learn of the death of Elizabeth, Lady Sudeley, elder sister of Lady Rose Lauritzen.

The Hon Elizabeth Mairi Keppel was born at Mount Stewart, County Down, in 1941, the elder daughter of Lord and Lady Bury (later Lady Mairi Bury).

Derek William Charles Keppel held the courtesy title of Viscount Bury, as heir to the Earl of Albemarle.

As a daughter of Lady Mairi Bury, this made her a granddaughter of the 7th Marquess and Marchioness of Londonderry.

Londonderry House

As the Hon Elizabeth Mairi Keppel, she had her eighteenth birthday ball at Londonderry House, Park Lane, to which both of her future husbands came.

She married Alastair Villiers in 1962 and their wedding reception at Londonderry House was one of the very last family gatherings there before that house began to be demolished later in 1962.

Elizabeth and her first husband, Alistair Villiers, were in fact cousins via the Londonderrys, as both were directly descended from Fighting Charlie, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry, and Frances Anne his wife.

Elizabeth married secondly, in 1980, the 7th Baron Sudeley and they divorced in 1988.

Elizabeth Sudeley had two children from her first marriage.

Like her late mother, Lady Sudeley was very interested in racing and thoroughbred breeding, and enjoyed watching the horses which have run in her son Charles's colours in recent years (especially when they win!).

The top photograph shows Lady Sudeley on her way to a ball given by The Queen at Windsor Castle, which she attended with Alistair Villiers, her late husband.

I am very grateful to Charles Villiers for the photograph of his mother and information.


Anonymous said...

I suppose she would be related in some way to King Edward's mistress Mrs Keppel?

Jayne said...

I always wondered why Elizabeth wasn't involved in Mountstewart in latter years rather than her younger sister and yet she is buried there but no one in the area remembers the funeral

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth's burial in the family ground, overlooking the Lake at Mount Stewart, after a service in the Chapel (the first after the House reopened) was private, for family and Elizabeth's closest friends. See link